Thursday, 11 May 2017

RFG publishes rail freight 'manifesto'

As ever the Rail Freight Group is quick off the mark!

RFG managed to publish their manifesto the day before Labour's was leaked!

Headlines here:

Rail Freight Group (RFG) has set out its priorities for the new Government and called on party leaders to include rail freight as part of their transport commitments.

Rail freight is a key part of UK’s freight and logistics, moving a quarter of all containerised imports from the nation’s port to consumers, delivering 40% of the construction aggregates used in London and the South East’s building boom, and underpinning key industrial sectors such as steel. Government action is key to providing a framework which allows rail freight to prosper, and allow the private sector operators and customers to invest for the future.

Our five priorities are:

1. Put Rail Freight at the heart of post Brexit trade links

2. Invest in rail freight infrastructure and technology

3. Provide a stable environment for freight to enable private sector investment

4. Restore and promote rail freight grants to support new services

5. Enable the development of modern fit for purpose terminals


The full Rail Freight Group manifesto can be found here.