Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Worrying Case of the Global Market

Overheard at Railtex...

I must says, Holmes, it certainly makes you proud to see that so many rolling stock manufacturers see such potential in the British market that they have taken such large stands at Railtex this year. One can only hope that many are thinking of building their new trains here in the UK?

Indeed so, Watson, and I noticed the enthusiastic manner in which you attacked the buffet on the Stadler stand.

Speaking of which, Holmes, I could not but observe the cordiality with which the Swiss welcomed you.  Do you have some connection with their agent?

No, Watson, while I am not averse to a bottle of Mr Wilson’s Crémant, the connection goes back much further.  You will not need to be reminded that the Reichenbach Falls are also in Switzerland.

Ah, yes indeed, Holmes.

Now to business Watson! You will have noted the significance of Derby based Bombardier’s contribution to Railtex,  especially as they are rumoured to have won the order to build new trains for the London and South Western franchise?

But Holmes, I don’t think I have seen a Bombardier stand here today or heard any mention of train manufacturing in Derby.

That, Watson, is the significance.