Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Railway to show BAA how it's done

Despite the threat of changes at the top of TfL following BoJo victory both Hendy and ToT are still in place.

Therefore, it came as something of a shock to the London railway community when it was announced today that LUL Chief Operating Officer Mike Brown has been poached by BAA to resolve the shambles that is Heathrow.

It is of course not surprising that BAA should look to LUL to help solve its problems. Perhaps worth remembering that LUL carries over a billion passengers a year, only a fraction of whom loose their luggage...

Period 1 results - Resurrection or Recession?

A number of commuter TOCs have declared disappointing results in Period 1.

Of particular concern is the drop in traffic and revenue on that perennial barometer of the economy South West Trains.

Traditionally InterCity routes are first to be hit in any economic downturn as both Leisure and Business travel tends to be "discretionary". Commuter routes (such as SWT) tend to be better insulated from the usual economic ebb and flow as people still need to get to work.

Optimists ascribe the dip to the disjointed Easter and School Holiday period but DfT and Treasury wonks will be awaiting Period 2 figures with bated breath.

Fog in Channel - Continent no longer cut off!

A new Network Rail "Route" will grace the railway map on the 25th May.

To the delight of all Old Farts (O.F.) the new route is to be called "Midland and Continental" and subsumes both the Midland Mainline and CTRL (or High Speed 1 for the optimists amongst you).
Better still is the news that Network Rail has appointed the splendid Dyan Crowther (of ATN & LNE Route fame) to be its new Route's Director.

Railway Eye understands that the rump of the London North Eastern route, bereft of the Midland, is now being led by General Manager Neil Henry as acting Director.

The changes signal victory for the powerful London Midland O.F.s who were much appalled that Gresley's York held sway deep in the heart of Stanier territory.

Meanwhile rumours continue of further changes at the top of the Black Tower.

Railway Eye understands that Robin Gisby is to be reinvented as Chief Operating Officer - if, of course, Coucher-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon can be prevailed upon to let loose the reins of power...