Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A time for giving

This from the East London Advertiser...

"STAFF on the London Underground have kick-started the season of goodwill by holding a collection for a 'heroes' charity.

"They raised £7,000 for Help for Heroes, which supports soldiers injured in Afghanistan and Iraq, at the ticket barrier at Bank station in The City."

Railway Eye is happy to publicise charitable works...

Ozymandiain lll

Another stern rebuke from Network Rail reaches The Fact Compiler!

It reads:

"I see you are on your usual churlish form whenever you write about Network Rail.

"It is true the West Coast project is complete. Our task was to upgrade the infrastructure to deliver the Dec 2008 timetable. The work we needed to do for that timetable change is now done.

"Does that mean we are never going to do any more work on WCML?
Of course not.

"We have work to do there as we have on any line across the network. It was skimping on improvement works which led to the poor state in which Network Rail inherited the WCML.

"PS: Our new headquarters is more Millennium Falcon than Death Star."

The Fact Compiler is not convinced. Dear reader it is for you to decide in Railway Eye's latest exciting poll !

Crossed off the list

An email reaches The Fact Compiler with details of Sue and Aidan Nelson's exciting new venture.

Such a serious subject demands the very widest attention.

Anyone know the producers of 'HIGNFY'?

"And this weeks guest publication is Level Crossing News..."

Ozymandiain ll

Telegrammed by The Archer
When is a completed project not complete?

Item 4 in Notes to Editors reads: "Although the project is complete, further planned improvement work will be undertaken at a couple of locations on the West Coast over the weekend of 27th & 28th December. There will also be work at weekends between Preston and Glasgow , starting in February."

Oh what a tangled web...