Thursday, 16 April 2009

Adonis doomed?

This from Matthew Parris in today's Times (with a bowler tip to Nigel Harris)

As a transport minister, Andrew Adonis is travelling the 2,000 miles of our rail network that he knows least, just to see what's going on. He plainly loves railways, but with technical knowledge and without sentimentality.

Why, after a change of government, can't we keep ministers who really care about their jobs?

If we had more Adonises in British politics, the fungus in Downing Street would never have spread.

That's his ministerial career over then.

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***More from My Lord Adonis on his railway odyssey, courtesy of The Times***

UPDATE: These from Pete Waterman and Nigel Harris who were invited to accompany the Minister.

The pride of the railway?

Telegrammed by our Independent Expert
Don't know whether M'Lud Adonis managed to catch this one on his lordly perambulation around the network this week.

It is today's 16.18 St Albans to Wimbledon.

Let's hope he didn't.

The FCCing disgraceful condition of this Class 319 rustbucket is not only unfit for a lord.

It's not even fit for the third world!

(Wouldn't have happened in Elaine's day. Ed)

Running on the wrong track?

National Express East Coast shows how to win friends and influence people.

At that, the train guard came out with a corker: "When you pay for a ticket it gives you the right to the journey but not to a seat because you don't pay to reserve."

Well at least they've solved that particular problem.

Green not to be charged

Conservative MP Damian Green, whose House of Commons office was raided as part of a leak inquiry, will not be charged.

The Crown Prosecution Service said today that there was 'insufficient evidence' to bring a court case against the shadow immigration minister.

Just as well Quick's already gone!

Welcome back I K Gricer

There are very few journalists who 'get railways' and fewer still who write in the City pages.

If there is a pantheon of such writers then the legendry Christopher Fildes would certainly sit amongst them..

As well as working on the Telegraph's City desk Christopher also wrote the hugely enjoyable City and Suburban column in the Spectator for over 20 years.

It was of course City and Suburban that introduced the world to the great railwayman I K Gricer who offered Speccie readers insights into the industry as it was assailed first by the simplistic adulterer Major and then by the messianic pultroon Blair.

Although City and Suburban came to an end in 2006 the Speccie has wisely called upon Fildes services again to review the latest opus by uber-railway-historian Prof Terry Gourvish, entitled Britain’s Railways 1997-2005: Labour’s Strategic Experiment.

The book sounds a must for all those interested in the political and economic developments in the industry over the last decade.

Meanwhile for those in a hurry it goes without saying that Fildes review is a masterpiece in its own right!

Namealike #3

This just in from 'Lazarus'...

SpAd - Special Advisor

SPAD - Signal passed at danger

Either may result in embarrassment and career shortening inquiries...