Sunday, 7 December 2008

Face Compiler

***The Fact Compiler has joined Facebook - whatever that may be.***

Sting 'im up!

Good news for civil liberties in the UK!

Our latest poll shows that only 7% of you believe we still retain our ancient freedoms.

Which means a massive 93% of readers believe that we now live in a police state!

Alas, over 50% of those don't care as long as The Fact Compiler is gaoled.

Some red faces this morning

The dangers of posting to the internet explained...

The Mail on Sunday's attention has alighted on 'flailing' and they have lifted pictures from the web.

Wolmar is to be congratulated for pillorying the idiots but making clear they are in the minority.

Not so the Picture Desk...

FCC by name, don't give a FCC by nature

Telegrammed by the Master
Another piss-poor show from FCC staff at Finsbury Park this morning.

Despite the platform screens being out of order staff still couldn't drag their sorry backsides from their offices to actually inform people of platform changes - or even bother to use the PA except to announce that the PIS wasn't working (no shit Sherlock! Ed)

The result being that all the passengers waiting for the 11:06 to Cambridge were left stranded on platform 5 whilst their train came and went from platform 3.

Come back WAGN - all is forgiven!