Monday, 29 June 2009

Postman Patel RIP

The Fact Compiler missed this and now it is too late.

Postman Patel

With a bowler tip to dyspozytor

A new era unfurls #4

Telegrammed by the Master
You men of old... look and weep.

Taken on Friday at Carlisle on the New West Coast Main Line (costing circa £9.0524bn and counting).

Who could begrudge Network Rail directors their bonuses when they've presided over such a monumental success?

Is this right? Ed)

Stick it on account

This from Transport Briefing...

Transport secretary Andrew Adonis will set out detailed plans for railway electrification within the next few weeks, the Prime Minister said today.

The country is broke. Where's the money coming from?

Hogs on the high

Guess the story...


UPDATE: And now it gets surreal!

Network Rail and the Royal Northern College of Music are to offer the world premier of 'The End of the Line' (A Brief Encounter), a free one-off music and theatre installation at Manchester Piccadilly station this weekend.

The Fact Compiler suggests that they finish off with a spirited rendition of this particular ditty, and dedicate it to NR Board members.

What a shameless bunch.

ATOC loses Chairman

Oh dear. All is not well at Bernard Street

This from ATOC...

The ATOC Board has announced that it has accepted the resignation of its Chairman, Mike Alexander.

Mike, who joined the Association in March 2008 has led the re-structuring of ATOC over the last year and has helped Michael Roberts, the Chief Executive, become established in his role.

Will the last one out the door please turn off the lights

UPDATE: Industry sources advise that Alexander's departure was both "sudden and unexpected".

Of course had ATOC not announced it would anyone have noticed?

UPDATE: This from 'Marsham Street Insider'...

This shouldn't have been a surprise.

Those with long memories will recall the displeasure of Lord Adonis at Alexander's less than enthusiastic response to his electrification proposals.

And only last week the noble Lord told the Transport Times conference that he'd tried working with ATOC when rail minister and "found that was absolutely useless", because one ended up dragged down to the "lowest common denominator".

First blood to Lord Adonis.

UPDATE: TOC sources suggesting Alexander was subject to a vote of no confidence by the ATOC Board.

Eye sought clarification from ATOC but no one was available for comment.

UPDATE: This from The Master...

One also shouldn't forget the look on Adonis' face when Alexander stood up to flannel the Minister and defend the All Line Rail Rover price increase at the recent National Rail Conference. He effectively passed the buck back to minions.

The late great Gwyneth Dunwoody would have been envious of the basilisk stare Adonis bestowed on the hapless Alexander.

NatEx rejects first overtures

This from National Express Group PLC...

Statement regarding press speculation

National Express Group PLC ('National Express' or 'the Group') notes recent press speculation regarding a potential offer for the Group.

The Board of National Express confirms that on 19 June 2009 it received a highly preliminary approach regarding a potential share for share merger on unspecified terms from FirstGroup plc.

At the present time, the Board is focused on implementing a number of initiatives to strengthen the Group and does not consider it appropriate to enter into discussions with FirstGroup plc.

The Group's pre-close trading statement for the first half year will be issued on Wednesday 1 July 2009.