Thursday, 9 July 2009

NXEA announces 10th July for 'End of the Pier Show'

Despite My Lord Adonis consigning National Express' franchises to the dustbin of history the company is still looking on the bright side.

This from the National Express East Anglia press office (via email, sadly missing from their website)...

The Cromer Pier summer seaside special is on track as National Express teams up with the cast of the famous end-of-the-pier show in a unique double bill at Norwich station on Friday 10 July at 10.00am

Read that again...

National Express... teams up... end-of-the-pier show... double bill... 10th July!

Quicker even than the noble Lord had dared hope for!

Or perhaps it's just Beau Bowker's official leaving do.

UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...

Surely National Express would rather see the end of the 'peer' show?

2009 Railway Garden Competition #6

A particularly strong entry from Chester this year.

This, their second submission within just two days (view Tuesday's here)!

The latest offering from 'Shiny Shoes' who sends a picture taken at Chester station this very morning.

With some excitement he announces that "the garden now extends to both sides of the station".

The Eye hopes Shiny Shoes and co will keep us posted on the progress of Chester's Railway Garden.

Who knows, with big fat juicy bonuses just around the corner, perhaps the NR Board might want to dip into their own pockets for a spot of vegetation control?

2009 Railway Garden Competition #5

Acid rain my derriere!

At least, so it would appear from this splendid entry for the 2009 Railway Garden Competition.

Pictured is Didcot.

Notice the nicely blurred platform edge - what a beautiful sight anyone falling betwixt track and train will behold, should they miss their footing.

Good effort First Great Western and Network Rail.

Lord Adonis = Baron Marples!

Good news indeed.

Lord Adonis wants to play Ernest Marples to Gordon's Harold MacMillan.

As the noble Lord reminds us, Marples had the vision and drive to deliver Britain's first motorway, "allowing the UK to enter the European transport mainstream".

Of course Andrew wants to do this with High Speed rail.

Quite right and good on him too!

But what's this?

Over at the the British Cartoon Archive can be found the following image of the late Baron Marples.

And the caption to this 1960 Daily Express cartoon?

"Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, no train - but, instead, you can read about the lovely trains your grandchildren will ride in."

Surely Cummings couldn't have had the IEP in mind?

UPDATE: This from Charles Yerkes...

This is nonsense.

Adonis is nothing like Marples!

Not enough hair for a start.

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