Friday, 16 April 2010

ATOC unsure who the party leaders are - Official

This from the Raver....

Good to see ATOC has its fingers well and truly on the political pulse!

For the politically illiterate, or those who have been asleep for the last year, Gordon leads Labour and Nick the LibDems.

Looks like it's not just railway knowledge that is missing from the TOC lobby group.

Southern in pornography shocker

This from Sussex Driver...

Is there something that I'm missing on Railway Eye?

Southern certainly seem to think so...

The Fact Compiler is perplexed by the suggestion that Eye is pornographic.

Although it is possible that Southern's ever vigilant net-police might have taken offence at some recent pictures we published.

In particular this one, of a highly unnatural lovefest containing some deeply suggestive glances and a pair of perfectly formed
orange orbs...

Truly disgusting.

Election clock ticking for 1,300 new vehicles

Telegrammed by our man at 222 Marylebone Road
Finger out Adonis!

Only 19 days in which to place orders for the outstanding 757 additional vehicles in the High Level Output Specification.

Your elected colleagues with constituencies in and around Derby expect you to hand a cheque over to Colin Walton soonest.

UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...

And since the delay to the Thameslink new trains order has deferred 200 of the vehicles in the HLOS 1300 to Control Period 5, why not ask Uncle Colin to make up the number with some Turbostars and revive the Diesel Multiple Unit Project.

No doubt Porterbrook would like to further boost their local MP's chances by providing the funding for these DMUs.

Such gratitude would be in order since we all remember how the Derby MPs stood up for brave little Porterbrook as it defied the jack-booted hordes of DfT Rail.
(Errr... is this right? Ed.)

The Thin Controller secures Jarvis jobs?

This just in from the RMT...

HOPES ROSE today that a new jobs rescue plan could save jobs lost following the collapse of rail maintenance firm Jarvis.

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis has told the leaders of the two main rail unions that Network Rail has agreed to re-allocate Jarvis work in a matter of days, and that workers on the new contract would be directly employed.

Just fancy that!

Is there an election in the offing?

UPDATE: This from The Major...

I'm quite sure the redundant Jarvis staff will be re-employed not least because TUPE applies if the work they were doing goes to another company.

NR knows this.

The RMT knows this.

But hey, no harm in the RMT claiming victory in a hard-won class struggle against private sector 'fat cats' while knowing all along the result was a legal certainty.

Pointless cycle racks - Howwood

Pointless cycle racks - Paisley Canal

Ash cash

Not content with buggering up our financial system and selling cheap frozen vegetables Iceland has now screwed up our aviation industry.

Below Agincourt International last night - displaced aviation passengers queuing for unavailable Eurostar tickets.

Good effort!

Update: This from the Major...

Awfully nice of the CAA (prop Andrew Haines) to give his former rail industry colleagues such a lovely financial boost.

Update: This from Jumbo...

Let's hope that our politicians were too distracted by last nights beauty parade of their leaders to notice that a high-speed rail network is unnecessary to reduce the number of passengers making domestic flights in the UK.

An Icelandic volcano appears to be far more effective.

UPDATE: Network Rail speaks...

Network Rail's director of operations and customer services, Robin Gisby, said: "Network Rail is doing everything it can to help passengers whose journeys have been disrupted by the volcanic ash cloud.

"We have reviewed all engineering work we have planned for the next few days and where it will allow train operators to run existing or extra services, this work has been cancelled.

"This mainly applies to long-distance operators on the east and west coast mainlines and on routes to the Channel ports.

"I would like to take this opportunity to assure the public that the volcanic ash cloud is having no material impact on the safe and punctual running of passenger and freight trains.

UPDATE: Eurostar speaks...

This from the BBC News website:

Eurostar said its train services between London and Paris and Brussels were sold out on Friday, and urged people not to come to St Pancras station in London to look for tickets.

BBC Radio News at 13.00 reported "Eurostar's ticket office at St Pancras is closed".

But according to a Eurostar tweet at 15:07: We're adding additional #Eurostar trains over the weekend. Please see for availability & booking.

Anyone have a clue what's going on?