Monday, 17 August 2009

Pointless signs #9

This just in from John...

I noticed that you have included Topsham in the Railway Garden Competition.

Would it also be possible to enter it for the Pointless Signs award?

Here is a picture of a BTP sign on the station.

What's pointless about that I hear you ask?

Well it's stuck behind this display board (see below).

Perhaps the station is patrolled by Secret Policemen?

Chiltern 'E' Shocker!

Nice to see that the Chiltern press office has such good local knowledge of the towns its trains serve.

Media Call
First Direct Service to London from Bridgenorth
0715 Saturday 15 August 2009

Chiltern Railways and the Seven Valley Railway are pleased to be working together to provide the first ever direct train from Bridgenorth and Bewdley to London Marylebone

The train will leave Bridgenorth at 0745 to start its first direct service into London Marylebone

Chiltern - putting the 'E' into Bridgnorth.

Environmental benefits of electrification in question

This from today's Gruaniad...

A study by Booz Allen Hamilton, a consultancy, argues that building and operating a new north-south rail network in England will generate more CO2 than taking the same route by air over a 60-year period.

No doubt it will be a similar length of time before the Noble Lord invites Booz Allen to undertake further work for DafT.

Railway Garden XXIV

This worthy entry from Topsham

Why is the Down line of the passing loop so favoured?

Pointless signs #8

This just in from the Wicked Weaver...

No more running for trains!

Is Derby station the first one in Europe to impose a speed restriction on passengers?

In due course will one be prevented from taking the stairs two-at-a-time?

Lookalike XXV