Monday, 13 February 2012

Red Spotted Snotter

Good to see that on-line retailer Red Spotted Hanky is on top of their game!

This taken today:

And NXEA is still listed on the menu at the bottom of each page, but alas no mention of Southeastern, Merseyrail, London Midland, Hull Trains, Grand Central or Northern.

One or two holes in this particular ATOS hanky.

The case of the Silent Dog (Episode 3)

Telegrammed by 221b Baker Street
'I say, Holmes, what do you make of the strange case of Network Rail's abandoned Management Incentive Plan?

'Watson, you will of course have noted the significance of the strongly worded statement on this matter from the Chair and CEO of the Office of Rail Regulation?'

'But Holmes, they have said nothing!'

'That, Watson, is the significance.'