Thursday, 7 October 2010

Train services return on Christmas day!

This from George Bradshaw...

Oh dear, oh dear. Network Rail has recently been bolloxed by the ORR for getting the May timetables wrong.

Now full timetables have been uploaded for Christmas Day, when a lot of trains seem to be running -- just like the early 1960s!

Can this be right?

GNER resurrexit !

This from a Captain Nolan...

I grabbed this screenshot after booking tickets on East Coast's site yesterday:

It was nice to see the both NXEC and East Coast have ensured that the money spent on re-branding the booking system has resulted in a thorough job being done.

Eurostar unveils order for new fleet

This video from Eurostar - note the absence of broom cupboards.

And here the details of the announcement:

Eurostar International, the high-speed passenger train operator between the UK and mainland Europe has today announced a £700 million investment in its fleet.

The investment includes:

  • Purchasing 10 brand new 320kph trainsets, which will each carry 20% more passengers than the existing Eurostar trains to city centre destinations throughout Europe
  • Commissioning Pininfarina to overhaul and redesign its current fleet of trains from 2011
  • Adding wi-fi, real-time travel and destination information, interactive entertainment including video-on-demand, music and news-feeds to all trains

Why is there a train in Hyde Park Today?
Last night, Eurostar placed one of the new e320s in Kensington Gardens, by the Albert Memorial, for one day only, opposite the Royal Albert Hall next to the Albert Memorial.

Prize draws for London-Paris tickets via Twitter
To highlight today’s announcement and the e320 being in Kensington Gardens, by the Albert Memorial, everyone who uses the hashtag #neweurostartrains on Twitter today will be entered into a prize draw, for one of five pairs of return tickets from London to Paris.

Regular readers of Eye will know that today's announcement isn't without its contentious aspects!

Senior railway managers told to take a hike

This from the soi disant 'veteran' observer...

Eight days on a mountain versus a lifetime on the streets

As you read this an intrepid group of 25 railway men and women are beginning their ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Railway Children.

All those participating have paid for the cost of this trip themselves so any sponsorship money they raise will go direct to the charity.

The climbers are:

Tim Brawn, Robbie Burns, Dan Cole, Dyan Crowther, Samantha Davis, Jerry England, David and Jo Franks, Steve Frost, Peter Hobbs, Michael Holden, Sarah Kendall, Arthur Leithley, Arith Liyanage, Sean Maserson, Richard Molloy, Darran Moss, Mac Motraghi, Adam O'Connor, Alan Ross, Anthony Smith, David Taylor, James Vickers, Paul Watson and Mark Wilson.

Many of you will already have sponsored the individuals undertaking this arduous hike.

If you haven't made a donation yet and would still like to there is a Virgin Money Giving page where you can sponsor all the participants as a group.

Thank you.

Please consider doing so - it's for a very worthwhile cause. Donations can be made here.