Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Election 2010 - Eye declares in favour of...

It is, of course, none of Eye's damned business who you vote for.

However, with past and present sacrifices in mind, Eye respectfully suggests that all readers should consider exercising their right to vote tomorrow.

'Nuff said.

UPDATE: Nigel Harris over at RAIL makes the same plea.

ATOCballs - new Pendolino carriages arrive today

Despite the recession there is one sector of the economy that is destined to grow and grow.

There must now be legions of experienced railway people employed by publications across the land to render into sense ATOCs wonderfully optimistic press releases.

This tosh from the Bernard Street bunker today:

- Virgin Trains is today adding extra carriages to a number of services from Birmingham to Scotland and an additional train from Preston to Glasgow. The extra carriages are the equivalent of around 1,400 additional seats.

Hmm... adding extra carriages to fixed length nine car Pendolinos has defeated even The Thin Controller - and he had (past tense) millions to throw at the problem.

Fortunately Railnews has been able to decipher the latest ATOCballs:

Virgin Trains has added some 1,400 seats by strengthening several services between Birmingham and Scotland and provided an additional train from Preston to Glasgow.

So hurrah for ATOC - never letting the facts get in the way of a good story.

UPDATE: This from Virgin's Press Office...

ATOC is right we did add extra carriages to the service.

We didn’t say we added carriages into a Pendolino but by joining two Super Voyagers to form a longer train than usual, we added carriages and, more importantly, much needed extra seats to the service to help stranded air passengers get home.

Eye stands corrected!

UPDATE: This from a Mr Reginald Slicker...

It ill behoves the Fact Compiler (sic) to criticise the one organisation in the railway which champions the excellent service provided by the franchised operators.

To repeat a phrase oft used in this blog, as any fule kno Birmingham - Scotland services are provided by Voyagers, noted for their fragrance, silky smooth ride & restful ambience, so it is a simple matter to 'add carriages' by coupling two or even three units in multiple.

Even though railway snobs may call it 'strengthening'.

More power to ATOC's elbow, say I.

I remain, sir,
Yr Obt Svt

R. Slicker

UPDATE: This from Fiona Gail...

Good to see the boys at Virgin defending their trade association. and great to see that the ATOC comms team's rail knowledge is almost good as their political vision, which suggested that the Tories where a sure banker for government.

Of course their political knowledge may prove to be better then their rail knowledge but me thinks not...

Mystic Eye spot on the money again

This from Modern Railways...

O'Toole and Franks leave National Express Group.

Eye hopes that hasn't spoilt yesterday's Brain Teaser.