Tuesday, 3 March 2009

GBRf moves passengers to Europe?

***ORR proposes to grant GBRf a European passenger licence***

Champagne Socialist?

Has former rail minister Tom Harris joined William Hague on the lucrative after dinner speaking circuit?

Judging by the ads now appearing on his blog he's definitely raking it in!

Caviar, truffles and foie gras delivered to your door....

Foie gras! For God's sake don't tell Kerry McCarthy!

180! But how many times?

Whilst WSMR is reducing services Grand Central is leasing more rolling stock!

A release reaches Eye from their spin-meister claiming they have signed a lease with Angel for two class 180s (no unit numbers given).

Oh, and it included a pretty photo-shopped picture...

So exactly how many 180s are there out there - as everyone (Hull, Northern, NXEC and now GC) claims to have them!

Robber Beardie raids Carlisle (again)

Beardie Rail is building on its unenviable reputation for shafting the good citizens of Carlisle.

Having been caught out last week for offering non-existent fares to Europe the greedy operator has now decided that passengers won't be able to buy cheap tickets from the station!

This from the News and Star...

The booking office at Carlisle railway station will be closed until Thursday of next week, leaving passengers unable to buy cheap ‘Advance’ tickets.

Virgin Trains spokesman Ken Gibbs said: “It’s not an ideal situation but we have publicised it and there really is no alternative.

Not ideal - it's scandalous!

Where is Passenger Focus when you need it?

UPDATE: Passenger Focus understood to be feeling Beardie's collar...

LU confirms COO

***Howard Collins confirmed in post as London Underground Chief Operating Officer***

UPDATE: Boris Watch was unclear what this meant - so The Fact Compiler has posted a clarification...

And then there were three...

Shock news from Wrexham & Shropshire!

This from the BBC...

A train company running a direct link between Wrexham and London is cutting the number of week day services from five to three.

Less than a year after its service was launched, Wrexham and Shropshire blamed the recession and said the decision reflected customer travel patterns.

DB Schenker must be feeling the chill wind of recession...

UPDATE: An 'Anonymous' reader advises....

Reinvent immediately as 'Ryanair of the Rails'.

Slash fares, axe fripperies!

Charge for use of the lavatory? Ed

Yes, charge for toilets, suitcases and pets! Anon