Friday, 3 October 2008


Run up the flags!

Gordon Brown uses the House of Lords to further government business.

Consensus on how to complete Reform of The Upper House remains as distant as ever.

The railway's Noble Lords need not fear for their seats yet.

Better late than never

Telegrammed by The Master
***BBC reporting NR's 'stay at home chairman' Sir Ian McAlasiter soon to do just that - permanently.***


Telegrammed by The Raver
Good TV programmes about railway history are rare, usually falling into whingeing nostalgia.

But on BBC4 last night, Ian Hislop hit just the right note, criticising Beeching and yet recognising that the railways in the 1960s had to be cut down.

Aside from allowing Wolmar to sport a ghastly pink jumper the producers are to be congratulated.

Perhaps Hislop would have made a better Secretary of State for Transport?

Very Much Doomed

Telegrammed by our man in 222 Marylebone Road.
***When Gende Homo was at the Ministry of Defence he was known to Daily Torygraph city page readers as 'Buff' Hoon - presumably a tribute to his finely honed body.***

Still Doomed

Some good news about Geoff Hoon's appointment to the DafT top job.

A reader observes that in predictive text Geoff Hoon is rendered as 'Gende Homo'.

Railway Eye welcomes Gende Homo to Transport


***BBC reporting Geoff Hoon to be new Secretary of State for Transport***

View BBC story here