Saturday, 2 August 2008

String 'em up

A thug who glassed a security guard at Grays railway station has been locked up for just 15-months.

Neanderthal yob Lee Senk rammed a glass in the security guard's face which sliced clean through the middle of his upper lip and smashed his front teeth.

“This conviction should serve as as warning to anyone who assaults rail or security staff that the sentence imposed reflects the seriousness of the incident.” said PC Tim Hewitt.

Who are you kidding?

Read the sorry tale here.

Flat fleet

Telegrammed by The Raver
Judging by his latest rant in Rail the batteries on Nigel Harris's calculator need changing.

He claims that the average age of rolling stock has halved since the bad old days of British Rail, which implies that at privatisation the average age of the passenger fleet was 26 years old.

In fact the true figure was closer to 14.5 years, not a great deal different from that of today.

Part of the reason for the higher average fleet age at privatisation was that the Sectors had been astute enough to retain some vehicles for seasonal peaks in traffic.

With today's chronic shortage of rolling stock what a far sighted policy that now appears.