Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Souter going out with a bang!

So, Sir Brian Souter will be a guest on BBC Question Time tomorrow night.

Expect some fireworks in light of recent House of Commons' business, as in the past Sir Brian has had some clear views on promoting what were once termed 'alternative' lifestyles.

No matter.

Thursday's telefest may be the Wee Man's last high profile public outing, ahem, before he becomes Stagecoach Group's chairman in May, relinquishing the role of chief executive to the now ubiquitous Martin Griffiths (currently finance director).

Despite Brian's interesting history with matters 'equality' don't expect too much criticism from Humza Yousaf the MSP member of the panel. In the devolved world of Scottish politics Our Brian has proven a generous benefactor to the Scottish National Party over recent years.

No doubt First's Tim O'Toole, which currently holds the ScotRail franchise, will be watching with interest?

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