Thursday, 8 March 2012

Command Paper celebrates the markets!

This from Captain Deltic...

I note from section 4.67 of the Command Paper that:

Our preference would be that, building on the Competition Commission decisions and this work, operators and ROSCOs drive better value through a market-based approach.

So the ROSCOs are being encouraged to adopt market led pricing.

As in letting rolling stock fleets, which are in short supply, to the TOC offering the highest lease rental? (Probably not what DfT had in mind! Ed)

Railway Garden Competition - Tottenham Hale

Perhaps Clog Rail, with their home-grown expertise in water management, can do a little better than the previous franchisee?

NR turns to Ford... again for new Chairman

This from

Professor Richard Parry-Jones is to be the next chairman of Network Rail.

It is his intention to appoint a non executive public interest director to its Board and implement a series of changes to its membership structure designed to better hold the Board to account.

Another former Ford man at the helm, following in the steps of Ian McAllister (hopefully his after dinner anecdotes won't be as dull! Ed)

ITSO in disarray as CEO departs

Good to see that the government's plans for smartcards are going well.

According to Modern Railways...

Michael Leach has left the smartcard organisation ITSO, where he was Chief Executive Officer.

And last night Captain Deltic

ITSO CEO has resigned today and left with immediate effect.

Perfect timing!

What with today's Command Paper expected to focus on the benefits of ITSO and smart ticketing.