Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Daily sex Tube map

Telegrammed by Charles Yerkes
So the Thames has vanished from TfL's new Tube map.

Yadder yadder.

The rot set in when they failed to restrict 081 to South of the river.

You want to see a Tube map?

Try the inclusive Dyslexic's guide to the Underground.

2009 Railway Garden Competition #XXVII - ENTRY DISQUALIFIED

This just in from Dyspozytor...

I greatly applaud your initiative to encourage the development of green corridors along England's railways.

The propagation of your idea by means of a 'Railway Garden Competition' is stunning in its simplicity.

The fronds of buddleia that I see adorning the previously dull brick built bridges and viaducts whenever I visit the UK shows the extent to which the management of Network Rail are giving your 'bottom up' initiative their wholehearted support.

However, it is only fair to point out that Network Rail's efforts are still at the nursery garden stage compared to the achievements of my colleagues on Poland's railways.

I enclose a picture I took earlier today of a Prussian goods van at Kalisz station.

I trust that you will be able to use this picture to encourage Network Rail's gardeners to even greater efforts.

Alas foreign railways are not currently able to enter the Railway Garden Competition. Although Eye understand that this is to be addressed as part of the EU's Fourth European Railway Package...

Credit where credit's due

This just in from Driver Potter...

Perchance GNER is not dead, it does but slumber.

Potter, having attended his brothers wedding in Newcastle this last weekend, travelled to Kings Cross on the 15:50 Up service (1A53?) on Sunday.

I was astonished. If you believe the wibbling anoraks masses, NXEC have all but abandoned customer service. Potter begs to differ. The staff were nothing short of exemplary; prompt, courteous and all questions answered quickly with a smile.

I once mourned the loss of GNER - the blue and red, "Route of the Flying Scotsman", named locomotives and staff with pride. Now I see that perhaps I was wrong to worry.

All NXEC have done is change the livery and the uniforms; the pride remains unchanged. And even not knowing what the future brings has not dented the professionalism on the East Coast.

FC, would you be good enough to post this on your rather fine site? We hear enough wibble about poor customer service. Fine efforts should not go unsung; especially from staff who face an uncertain few months ahead.