Monday, 29 November 2010

Lesser spotted Eagle threatended with extinction?

Looks like Ed Milibean is not alone in having his leadership skills questioned.

Maria the Eagle may also want to watch her back.

This from the North West Evening Mail...

A RAIL lobby group is backing Furness MP and Shadow Transport Secretary John Woodcock’s call for Barrow not to lose its direct train services to Manchester Airport.

Down boy!

Vox populi, vox Eye!

This from John...

According to this Cabinet report from Kent County Council...

Applications to classify new highways or to alter the classification of existing highways require approval from the Department for Transport (Daft).

and it goes one better:

Applications must be sent to the Government Office for the North East (GONE) which acts on behalf of the Daft and The Secretary of State for Transport.

See paragraph 1.2

DafT GONE does have a certain optimistic ring to it...

Cross Country still in breach of franchise commitment

A pretty map has arrived in The Fact Compiler's inbox from retailing website

But what's this.

Something is strangely missing from the list of TOC's providing on-board WiFi.

Eye wonders what it could be...

Perhaps time for DafT to stop pussy footing around and actually take meaningful action against DB owned Arriva Cross Country for breaching its franchise commitment.

Eye has something like this in mind...

Presumably swapping one nationalised operator for another won't be a problem?

First million pound fare - Shocker!

Exciting news from the National Rail Enquiries website!

Regular Eye readers will recollect that ATOC was less than transparent when it announced the scale of fare increases last week.

A Mr Fergy-Lee has discovered the reason why...

And here in close-up...

Good to see the railway doing its bit to address the national debt.