Friday, 8 January 2010

Latest news from the Eurostar broom cupboard!

It's Nick Mercer this time, with a bowler tip to the Railway Gazette via Twitter...

A reminder to PR's everywhere.

Put them in a HiVi, get them to a station or trackside and for God's sake lock up the broom-cupboard and throw away the key!

Harris on Hilton on a train

Uber-blogger Tom Harris MP on Tory Director of Strategy, Steve Hilton, upsetting train staff:

The real story behind the Channel 4 News revelation about Steve Hilton’s arrest in 2008 is: who dobbed him in?


Chris Bryant MP on Eurostar

Chris Bryant MP has posted the following on twitter...

I am rapidly developing a very severe hatred of Eurostar as we are travelling at about a mile a year.

For those desperately interested the Daily Telegraph takes up the story.

Eye hasn't much to add to this other than pointing out that Mr Bryant is renowned for his wisdom and judgment.

With this in mind Eye thought that readers might enjoy seeing the Europe Minister in all his glory.

'Nuff said.