Friday, 18 January 2013

Frenchies smell victory in battle of RDG

White flags are hanging out of the windows of One Kemble Street, judging from the below...

So Keolis gets half a seat at the 'leadership' table, whilst ROSCOs and members of the supply chain get none.

That's going to work well then.

Eye waves farewell to Internet Rapid Rebuttal Unit!

So farewell NR uber-spinner PJ Taylor!

After eight years defending the indefensible PJ's last day at Network Rail is today.

Eye and many others in the industry will miss him, as no doubt will 'Granty' - who will now be free to sell his usual bank holiday hatchet job to the nationals.

No matter.

It was a pleasure working with you PJ and Eye awaits with interest to see where you pop up next.