Thursday, 29 October 2009


Swiss unveil new tilting train

With a bowler tip to via Bushy

DafT shows commitment to local democracy

This update on the Battle of the Barriers from the BBC...

A rail company is appealing against a decision not to allow ticket barriers at York railway station.

The appeal is apparently to be heard in the New Year, by which time NXEC should have shuffled off its mortal coil.

So there is precious little benefit to be gained by the franchise, NatEx or indeed its hard pressed shareholders in mounting this appeal.

So who is yanking NXEC's chain?

Step forward Lord Adonis, DafT and DOR.

Eye salutes this unholy triumverate for learning from Ireland's experience with the Euro constitution.

Just keep asking the same question until they come up with the right answer.

Troughing news - £13,837 of our money!

Good news from the mother of Parliaments...

Former transport minister Tony McNulty has apologised to the House of Commons 'without reservation' and agreed to repay £13,837 of expenses he claimed towards his second home.

Well that makes it all better then.

UPDATE: In his statement to the House McNulty says its time to move on.

Indeed it is.

Directly to gaol without passing go.

Furze-Waddock joins Virgin Trains

This from Beardie Rail...

Virgin Trains has appointed Paul Furze-Waddock as its new Business Development Director.

Paul takes up his new job in the new year and his main focus will be future franchise bidding, including the West Coast franchise, which is due for re-bidding in March 2012. He will report directly to Virgin Trains’ Chief Executive Officer Tony Collins.

Will the First one out last please turn off the lights.

Pointless signs - South Eastern Trains

NatEx walks away from Stagecoach talks

This from The Times...

National Express, the struggling transport group, has walked away from a last-gasp merger with rival Stagecoach over concerns that competition regulators could derail a deal.

State operator 'East Coast Mainline' is expected to take on the NXEC franchise at the December Timetable change.

Arriva trading statement

This from

Passenger revenue growth was 1.3% up on the CrossCountry rail franchise during the 42 weeks to October 24 and jumped by 3.8% in the last six weeks. The figure was even higher at Arriva Trains Wales at 6.7%.

Stand down DOR...

UPDATE: This from City Boy...

Remember that Arriva XC needs annual growth of 10% to maintain profitability on the franchise.