Monday, 10 November 2008

Corby Trouser Press

Much excitement at Corby where Network Rail has built a beautiful new station (on time).

Unfortunately intending passengers will now have to wait until March for the service to begin.

Deputy leader of Corby Council Mark Pengelly said: "This is shambolic. We will have a train station by December 14 so North Northants Development Company and English Partnerships have done their bit. The people who have let us down are the private rail companies. They have had a year to find the trains."

Perhaps First group, owner of Hull Trains, can explain the delay?


Good news from the Liberal Democrats!

The Beeching cuts of the 1960s will be reversed if the Liberal Democrats win power, according to today's Yorkshire Post.

Pictured is a fruit cake.

Rumour and tittle tattle

On Sunday The Fact Compiler popped round to see Brian Souter with some used carrier bags to refresh his collection.

Whilst partaking of a glass of Lidl's British Sherry with the careful entrepreneur the blackberry buzzes into life.

"It would appear", I venture, "that EMT may be short a managing director!"

The Stagecoach tycoon races out the room, after carefully locking away the tupperware, to make a call.

He returns.

With a negative nod of his head he resumes counting the sugar cubes and The Fact Compiler takes his leave.

The Fact Compiler also understands that recent rumours about the MD of FGW have no similar basis in truth...