Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pointless signs 2012 - Stratford

This from Sir Nel Ting...

There are still, supposedly, well over 100 Olympic and Para' signs still plastered all over Stratford station...

...as well as associated adverts.

Yesterday’s papers selling yesterday’s news?

Or the much vaunted 'Legacy'?

Railway Garden Competition - Crewe

This from Central User...

Further to Crewe's entry of 30th July, a supplementary submission is needed in order to clarify the wide ranging skills of the horticulturists of Crewe. 

Behold the Secret Garden!

It is however to be hoped that Network Rail are not wasting time in maintaining the overhead lines.

Blinded by the light

This from Scotch Corner...

I thought Eye readers might be interested in the attached photo which is doing the rounds.

It purports to show the view that drivers have of the Shard, in certain weather conditions.

Expect Network Rail to require use of welding masks, vice sun glasses.

First accepts Virgin best - Official

Happy news for the franchising zealots of Great Minster House (Sid and Dorris Bonkers)!

With the 'risk transfer' model of franchising subject to increasing ridicule for failing both fare and taxpayers, the mandarins of Marsham Street must have been looking forward to yesterday's Business Traveller magazine awards.

At a glitzy lunchtime event at Kensington's Royal Garden hotel, hosted by no less a figure than the polymath Sir Trevor McDonald, the keenly competed for 'Best UK Domestic Train Service' award went to errr... Beardie Rail.

Alas, and for the sixth year running!

As this doesn't quite fit the DfT's narrative on the West Coast franchise expect this accolade to go unremarked upon by either officials or ministers.

And to compound Marsham Street's joy, the award itself was sponsored by First Great Western!

UPDATE: This from Mrs AP Tis...

I understand that First Group are applying for a judicial review of the decision to award the prize to Virgin Trains.