Saturday, 8 November 2008

Rutles Rail

Splendid news for Oakham and Melton Mowbray (pop 342).

According to Transit a new open access operator is hoping to serve the two towns.

Simon Pielow, formerly of Eurostar and now MD of Train Chartering is behind the open access venture.

The new company, Rutles Rail, has already had discussions with the ORR and Network Rail to identify paths.

The Rutles previously had considerable success in the 1960s as a pop band.

Unacceptable face of capitalism

First has come out in support of a third runway at Heathrow.

Moir Lockhead, the charmless Chief Executive of First Group, says the airport should be expanded.

Words that have delighted First's Thames Valley customers who have expressed near universal dismay at the scheme.

Presumably Lockjaw's damescene conversion to Heathrow expansion has nothing to do with DafT's soon to be announced decision that electrification of the Great Western will be a priority?

Cross purposes

A question for those masters of the black-arts the Timetable Planners.

BAA has divied up £240m for Crossrail

In return Lord Adonis, Prince of Daftness, has promised BAA 'four fast-train services an hour' to Heathrow.

Obviously these 'fast trains' will not stop at all stations.

The core tunnelled section, linking Paddington and Liverpool Street, is being designed to handle a maximum of 24tph (trains per hour) and it is upon this service pattern that the Crossrail business case is predicated.

If you run a mixed traffic railway (fast and slow trains) you reduce capacity - fast trains requiring a greater headway.

Is the Fact Compiler correct in thinking that for a mess of pottage DafT has sacrificed 24tph and the current Crossrail business case?

59% say Ross must go!

A very disappointing result from the latest Railway Eye survey.

Readers were invited to answer the simple question "Should Iain Coucher reject the ORR Final Determination?".

The correct answer as any fule kno was "Jonathon Ross should resign".

Well done to the 59% of you who got it right. The rest of you - 100 lines; "I must try harder".

Prince of Daftness

Telegrammed by our man at 222 Marylebone Road
More tosh from the factually challenged Lord Adonis, Prince of Daftness

Lord Wallace of Saltaire (Deputy Leader, House of Lords; Liberal Democrat) Hansard source
My Lords, the arrangements whereby railway leasing companies own the stock and the Government order it appear to have provided substantial and reliable revenue and profit for banks over the past few years. Do the Government intend to revisit the arrangements whereby rolling stock is acquired, owned and leased?

Lord Adonis (Minister of State, Department for Transport; Labour)
My Lords, we intend to keep the existing structure in place, but
the department has a very keen interest in ensuring that these 1,300 vehicles are procured as rapidly as we practically can. I would not want to close particular options for the way that we might procure those vehicles.

You wouldn't think it from the pace of negotiations with the TOCs!!