Wednesday, 11 July 2012

NR Wales unveils anti-theft device

This from Uncle Frank...

Don't mess with the Tafia - that is all!

Run Away!

East Coast signals Olympic distress

This from Commander Proto-Methodist...

Rudely awakened from my slumbers by the appalling meejah coverage of the Jubilee River Pageant (no, it was not random hooting by LMS 6201 Princess Elizabeth at the start but a careful rendition in Morse code of the Royal Cipher), The Commander is further roused by the appalling gaffe on the last page of Captain Deltic’s own publication this month, depicting the unveiling of a pile of railway scrap metal outside King’s Cross. 

The hoist end of the Union flag is clearly visible in the athlete’s right hand, showing he is displaying the flag upside down. The broad white stripe of the Saltire of St. Andrew behind the Cross of St. Patrick at the hoist end should be above the red  – It’s easy to remember the cream rises above the jam on the scone. At least the sculptor got it right, behind.

If we’re displaying a distress signal before the Olympics have even started, what chance... (cont' p94)

Crow Bar Bob in U-turn Shocker!

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From today's Metro:

Shurely shome mishtake?