Monday, 8 May 2017

Eye signs legendary 'Chris Crossrail'

This from Chris Crossrail, Fleet Street's legendary 'burrower for news'...

Although now fully retired and resting I can't help but notice things are not quite so ahead of the game on Crossrail.

Little things.

The quarterly newsletter that used to boast of Stakhanovite targets being met, and even exceeded, is now a month overdue and the January edition was pretty lame.

Through the grimy windows of an HST yesterday I noted that track laying trains are still working the tunnels from Ladbroke Grove. As I understand the track has got to be in before other ancillary services can be fitted out this is beginning to look a bit tight.

My guess is that the project is not in real trouble but a lot of irreplaceable float time is being used up and the unions are on to this. Big 'productivity' deals are being negotiated at Liverpool Street etc... following the excellent lead of The Brothers at Paddington.

Perhaps Eye readers can burrow further? All submissions at the usual address (see right hand menu bar).

Shaken and stirred: Graham Coombs

Eye hears that Graham Coombs is departing RIA.

After two decades as Communications Director at the Railway Industry Association (the UK's supply chain trade association) Coombs has decided he's had enough of erecting stands at exhibitions!

Speaking exclusively to Eye, Coombs said:

I can’t grumble at a job that has taken me everywhere from Blackpool to Beijing, but it is time for a change. 20 years of supporting suppliers is more than enough for anyone.

"Now isn't it your round old man?

Coombs, a former BR Board Press Officer, has accumulated an astonishing 36 years of rail PR experience since he joined the Southern Region Public Relations and Publicity Office in 1981.

Colleagues who wish to see Graham off in 'old railway' style can find him on or about the RIA stand at Railtex this week.

Eye's Summer Special Offer!

This from Barry Spotter Enterprises...

Having trouble with air conditioning controllers going walkabout?

Do you find yourself unable to keep your office or mess room at just the right temperature to allow restful sneaky snoozes on company time?

Have no fear! The Southern Region has the answer!

Just attach your air-con hoofer-doofer to a spare insulating pot using cable ties and flummox any remote control pilfering miscreants!!

Price: Just a fraction of the cost of all that knitting nonsense that is going so well elsewhere in the country.

Note: Offer only available on the Southern Region, London Underground and Merseyrail*.

*Customers on the Eastern, London Midland, North Eastern, Scottish & Western regions will need to install proper traction supply systems before purchasing.