Monday, 28 September 2009

Wolmar in bribery shocker!

This just in from Christian Wolmar...

Next Monday (5th October) I am doing a literary dinner at Foyles in St Pancras - meal , lots of Wolmar babble and then book signing.

Do you think you could give it some deeply sarcastic plug on your site making sure you include details below?

Tickets are £35 and details are available from Helen Cook (Tel: 0207 923 5454).

Drink will be poured down your gullet next time I see you...

Certainly not - The Fact Compiler cannot be bought but make it a large one and I'll see what Eye can do.

PM bounces back from depression slur

Good news for Labour Party members in Brighton!

This from Railnews...

Prime Minister 'excited' by high speed rail and a new Age of the Train

And, Andrew Marr please note, not a happy pill in sight!

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

Don't be so sure - with the numbers involved (£35bn) it's probably electric shock therapy.