Wednesday, 20 June 2012

TSC turns into election hustings - Shocker

According to the June newsletter from the World's Greatest Living Transport Correspondent...

"I have been asked by a few people whether I would like to try to get the Labour nomination for London mayor next time. Although initially I thought that was plain daft, I have begun to think seriously about it. There are lots of transport ideas that should be discussed and certainly the focus last time on fares and the previous time on bendy buses showed a distinct paucity of imagination. I have a vision for London that is somewhat more radical than those scant offerings..." (cont' p94).
So Wolmar for Mayor!
Evidently our man hasn't been resting on his laurels, for within minutes of Wolmar's shock candidacy being announced, the following arrived from the Transport Select Committee...

Tuesday 26 June 2012

10.05 am
  • Christian Wolmar, Railway author and broadcaster
  • Nigel Harris, Managing Editor, Rail Magazine
  • John Nelson, Chairman of First Class Partnerships Limited
10.45 am
  • Tom Smith, Chairman, Association of Train Operating Companies
  • James Colman, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Gatwick Airport
  • Ian Yeowart, Managing Director, Alliance Rail Holdings
 11.30 am
  • Tim Shoveller, Alliance Managing Director, South West Trains
  • Network Rail [name to be confirmed]
The industry now waits with baited breath to see what electoral office Nigel Harris intends standing for...

UPDATE: This from Dame Barbara Cartland...

Since darling Christian's oeuvre is fast approaching the size of my own, thanks to relentless promotion by the dear, dear boy, may I  ask whether he has arranged to have a table in the committee room corridor where his many fans will be able to buy signed copies of his latest work?

Pointless signs - Berkhamsted