Thursday, 18 March 2010

ATOC announces savage new cuts - Shocker!

Eye understands that ATOC anticipates making significant savings in December.

Apparently both Rentokil (cnuts) and Brand2Life (cnuts) are no longer on the Chrizzie Card List!

However, any savings may be outweighed by the bloody good dinner owed by ATOC's media machine to uber-fisker Ben Goldacre.

National Express unveils magic bus!

This just in from a Leading Railway Periodical...

Eye salutes NXEA for managing to end Berney Arms millennia of isolation from the Queen's highway

Fact Compiler and Hammond fall out - Shocker

It would appear that The Fact Compiler's contribution to last night's Rail Debate was not universally welcomed.


Adonis moves and then paints the deckchairs

This from Railnews...

THE rebranding of East Coast last November cost £634,842, of which taxpayers had to find £339,190, according to official figures.

What a fabulous use of public funds!

Eye salutes The Thin Controller, DafT and Directly Operated Railways for enriching the vinyl makers.

A letter from Iain Coucher

This from Network Rail's Internet Rapid Rebuttal Unit...

Click to enlarge...

SWT now employs Thought Police - Official

This just in from Barry Spotter...

Nice to see that South West Trains are taking the security of their passengers seriously.

Not only are cameras on the "verboten" list but so apparently is writing things down!

This from The News:

Musician Tom Shaw was stunned when he was kicked off a train - for writing a list of songs.

I suppose the gentleman in question must be thanking his stars that his musical taste is middle of the road.

Megadeath's "Symphony of Destruction" would probably have involved imprisonment...

Get a grip Souter!

Adonis secures HS2 funding - Shocker

This from Bushy...

It seems the printed copies of the HS2 report have already run out!

And at £26 a pop Adonis must be over half way towards paying for the new line already!

Eye is in awe of the Noble Lord's fiscal acumen!

Pointless signs - InterCity 225 loo

This just in from 62700...

Another pointless sign for your ongoing series, snapped (very badly) on an East Coast IC225 yesterday.

Not that I make a habit of taking snapshots in toilets, you understand.