Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wolmar Scores!

The World's Greatest Living Transport Correspondent is an icon for the regenerative powers of Health and Efficiency!

Not content with playing cricket, cycling about Town and leading a team on student favourite University Challenge, the WGLTC was last seen driving DafT spinners over the covers during this week's HS2 celebrity challenge.

Indeed. Such was his virile prowess that he even knocked the waterman for six!

Alas, the preternaturally young Wolmar cannot escape forever the grasping reach of Old Father Time, or Mrs InterWeb's profiling bots...

Easy tiger!

Roll-up, roll-up, roll-up - Mighty Organ for sale!

This from Lord Copper...

Here's a chance for any budding 'Sir Ian Morton-Bauer' to break into the rail publishing world:

Rail Industry Magazine & E-mail Bulletin
£69K turnover. 12 issues per year. Written by 1 P/T staff plus 5 freelancers. 8,000 copies free to recipients. 95% repeat advertisers. Advertising sold by 1 P/T staff. E-mail bulletin to 16,000 opted-in subscribers. Guide price £95K.

But which magazine, produced by a part-time editor and five freelancers, could it possibly be?

SNP kills off the sleepers - Shocker

This from Intermouchmey Consulting International...

Dear Sir

Now that Scotland has declared UDI perhaps Gorgeous George should rethink his profligate scheme to bung Mr Salmond £50m just to keep Anglo-Scottish sleepers on the rails.

Far better that I, and my colleagues in the world of high level consultancy, use these funds to finally prove that the perfect solution for all the railway's rolling stock needs is the IEP.

Shall I make the invoice out now?

No. Ed.