Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Snow stops trains - this time in Sweden

This from The Raver...

According to Railway-technology.com:

Swedish trains have been paralysed after the network was hit with delays and cancellations caused by heavy snow fall and low temperatures.

Sverige schadenfreude!

Captain Deltic gets all new fangled!

@thefactcompiler welcomes @captain_deltic to twitter!

Turn on, tune in, but do it in a 140 characters...

First for failing to monitor the fitness of its drivers

This from the BBC...

Sheriff Convery said"In my view this cases raises profoundly disturbing questions regarding the safety of the public and the arrangements for monitoring the fitness of train drivers."


Mind you, at least it was just the one bottle.

Argentinian solution to dirty trains

This from Driver Potter with a bowler tip to WNXX...

Who said train surfing was a bad thing?

Perhaps certain TOCs might care to take note - this could be the solution to knackered carriage washers.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Fenton...

Argentina has had to get much of its railway equipment secondhand, given the economic situation and need to provide trains.

Trouble is, they're having difficulty paying for them.

Meanwhile Guido offers his reflections on the deteriorating situation in the South Atlantic.

Virgin give 32 instructions on how to take a leak

This from Stardotstar.com with a bowler tip to @technicalfault...

On a recent trip to the big smoke i managed to count 32 instructions for how to get into and out of, and use a Virgin Trains toilet.

Eye is uncertain who is pottiest, the designer who came up with the 32 instructions or stardotstar for bothering to count them all!

UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...

Does that include the 'mind the step' notice with a braille transcription?

How others view us... Taiwanese TV

This may say more about the behaviour that the Taiwanese expect from their own politicians than it does about Gordon Brown...

...but it's just too amusing not to post.


In particular the noise made by the unseated typist.

Eye gets down with the kidz

This from Hangin' 10...

Hey, Compiler dude!

You seen this reply from Mr Mole?

Written Answers — Transport: Railways (22 Feb 2010)

Chris Mole: The Department for Transport has not issued any guidance to train operating companies on the carriage of surf boards on trains.

Man, that's just like so totally lost Labour the camper van vote.