Monday, 10 May 2010

The Jesuit approach to romancing the railways

This from Captain Deltic, via MMS....

All credit to
toyshop chain, the Early Learning Centre, who are leading the fight back against anthropomorphic tank engines with this recognisable A4 in garter blue:

A very timely suggestion. The Fact Compiler is just popping into town...

UPDATE: Captain Deltic adds...

I should have mentioned for those of the Stanier persuasion there is also a stream-lined Coronation in maroon livery.

However, grand-daughter naturally preferred Sir Nigel's design.

RMT has cake and eats it

This diatribe from the RMT...

RMT today repeated its pledge to fight the tube and TfL cuts, including the threat to jobs following the final collapse of the PPP shambles with the buying out of the Tube Lines contract

Not a word of praise, of course, for Boris hammering the final nail into the coffin of the despised Public Private Partnership

Nor indeed of criticism for the doomed scheme's architect...

One Gordon Brown, currently holed up under squatter's rights in 10 Downing Street

NatEx continues to exorcise Bowker legacy

Telegrammed by our International Correspondent
So National Express Group are not renewing their sponsorship deal with the Football Association.

Of course the deal was originally done by Blackburn Rovers fan Richard Bowker, before his departure to head up Union Railways in the United Arab Emirates.

This from
the Grauniad...

The Football Association is facing a new financial headache after it emerged that the transport giant National Express would not be renewing its multimillion-pound sponsorship deal.

Of course this news is probably of limited interest to Eye readers

But what a marvelous opportunity to publish a picture containing two things that have vanished forever from the East Coast Main Line.

Pointless signs - Dorking West yesterday

This valuable information available on the platform monitor at Dorking West on Sunday 9th May 2010.

With a bowler tip to JR.

Railway Garden Competition - King's Cross

Good to see that Network Rail have given up the ghost at managing vegetation.

This taken at King's Cross on Thursday.

What a disgrace!

Railway Garden Competition - Chislehurst

With a bowler tip to @Kpmarek, Via Twitter