Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Adonis exposed - Shocker

Telegrammed by Leo Pink
According to Wikipedia...

Adonis (we presume they mean our transport secretary) "is a central cult figure in various mystery religions".

Sounds about right.

The First Church of the Live Catenary, Community Rail, The Blessed Congregation of the Elevated Velocity, not to mention the Cult of the TramTrain.

Noble Lord we believe, help thou our unbelief.

We are the Champions no more?

Telegrammed by our International Correspondent
What has happened to Rail Champions?

Set up by the fragrant "BBC Legend" Maggie Philbin, with help from Messrs Marshall and Harris of Railnews fame, Rail Champions claims to be a business that is:

"dedicated to strengthening your company's brand. We provide creative solutions to your advertising and marketing challenges, increasing your company's presence in the UK Rail Sector."


You won't be able to find out about them on anything as fancy-dan as the internet, because their website is suffering from Error 404 syndrome.

But if you use the Google cached facility you can still find it... just.

No wonder their portfolio of renowned clients is password protected.

Eye's exciting new Brain Teaser competition

Mary, Nicola and Ray start out on a journey.

Mary takes both the train and the bus.

Nicola chooses the coach.

And Ray prefers to walk.

So what is the price of fish?

Eye's election update from Mr Khan

Mr Khan reports on #bigotsgate and the economy...

Please BBC include a slot for Mr Khan on Thursday night.

Railway Garden Competition - Clapham Junction

This is the country's busiest junction...

And on Monday it looked like Dingly Dell.

Please could someone at NR get a grip on vegetation control?

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

It must be Dingly Dell.

Isn't that Mr Blobby in the background?