Friday, 17 December 2010

HS2 statement on Monday and Speaker Bercow

This interesting constitutional conundrum from Paul Waugh writing on Politics Home...

Now, the real problem with all of this is that some in Government are wondering whether it would be entirely appropriate for the Speaker to chair the Oral Statement on Monday. Given his vociferous opposition and clear interest, should he pass proceedings over to one of his deputies?

This won't be the first time that Hammond and the 'sanctimonious dwarf' have locked horns as can be seen from this video of Petrol-head's summer visit to Buckingham (long but worth the watch).

Monday will be an interesting test of Bercow's much questioned impartiality.

Will he allow a deputy to take the chair?

Lord Berkeley scrubs up well!

This from the Daily Telegraph...

How unlike the Torygraph to illustrate a serious story with a fruity young lady.