Friday, 16 March 2012

Banbury 'La-de-da' Mess room sign

This from @drew2611...

Was amused by FCC Drivers' mess sign however I think ours at Banbury gives a touch of class:

Eye bets they don't use whistles at Banbury either...

Eye Enterprises presents The Olympic Scotsman!

YOU could own a part of 2012!

Eye Enterprises is offering a unique opportunity to acquire a 1.76th representation of national icon Flying Scotsman carrying the Olympic Torch!

THIS is your opportunity to relive the role played by Flying Scotsman in Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, the Para-Olympics and Railfest!

PRICED at just £2.6m and lovingly reconstructed from the finest military-hubris, etc... etc... etc... (details here from Railway Herald and Railway Magazine).

Eye would just like to point out that the A3s were introduced into traffic in 1927.

Her Majesty was born in 1926.

Eye wonders which is more reliable and provides best value for money?

God save the Queen!

That is all.

Crossrail Handicap runners and riders

This from our Racing Correspondent...

With the Invitation to Negotiate for the Crossrail fleet issued, bookmakers Paddy Hill have published the odds for the runners in the Crossrail Rolling Stock Stakes which come under starter's order on 29 August.

Kaiser Bill's Batman 5/2 (Fav)
Canuck's Folly 4/1
Tora Tora Tora 5/1
Medina Sidonia's Revenge 10/1

Cuisse de Grenouille - scratched