Monday, 26 January 2009

First seeks return of Broad Gauge

Exciting news from First Group!

Vehicles maintained by the Aberdeen company's US subsidiary, First Vehicle Services, play an important part in President Obama's Inauguration festivities.

An inquiry is underway to find out how they became out of gauge.

Orders up

This from DfT...

The Department for Transport held its second annual Listening to Industry Day on Thursday 22 January.

The purpose of the event was for industry to input to our new approach to development of freight policy, including helping us prioritise future policy and investment decisions.

Jim Fitzpatrick, Minister for Freight and Logistics, said:
Our focus and our approach is now more on the movement of different freight commodities, than on freight modes.

"That is why I arranged this event, because I want to make sure that the needs and impacts of freight are considered in the Department’s investment, regulatory and policy decisions for the future.

A source close to DB Schenker said: "I am happy to say we currently have lots of new orders - which must be obeyed without question!".

UPDATE: The Major asks...

If this is their second annual "listening to industry day" what do DafT do for the other 364?

What indeed.

Fantasy island II

Man congratulates boss on good idea!

This from NCE...

Crossrail executive chairman Doug Oakervee said today that he was 'encouraged' by the idea of an island in the Thames Estuary to replace Heathrow.

Now there is a surprise!

Fantasy island

***Boriswatch has the latest details of Estuary Aerodrome - including proposed links into the rail network***

Fall-Behind capitulates

Go-Ahead must still think they are in with a chance on the South Central franchise.

This from the Kent News...

Train company U-turns on carriage cuts

Fat chance, what with their splendid performance on London Midland and all.

OFFICIAL: Daft does nothing

At last a spot of honesty from the Department for Transport!

A number of trade titles, including Modern Railways, are running DafT ads for Franchise, Finance and Contract Managers.

But what's this?

Can it be true?

Zero £multi-billion contracts?

Zero Heart of Government?

Zero Major Expansion?

We knew it was bad, but surely it can't be this bad?

Tornado avoids scrapmen

This from the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust:

The second run of The Peppercorn Pioneer on Sunday 1st February 2009 will now start from Doncaster with 60163 Tornado, picking up at York and running through to Durham.

This change of itinerary is because the Trust has been advised by Network Rail and the British Transport Police that due to significant concerns regarding crowd control at Newcastle Central station on Sunday 1st February.

Just imagine what all those braying Macums and Geordies would do on seeing a brand new shiny Kettle. Within 10 minutes the local scrappies would be inundated with copper piping...

Resistance is useless

More good news from Europe.

Raedwald has discovered that soon we shall all be Criminals in the eyes of the state, following a decision made by those masters of democracy the EU Council on the 20th January.

The Fact Compiler, ever keen to be ahead of the pack, has therefore taken up Old Holborn's kind invitation to "Insult... the State, Nation or State symbols" on-line.

So below is what our tin-pot Eurocrat friends can do with their tacky duster:

As Patrick McGoohan never tired of saying "I am not a number, I am a free man". At least I used to be...

UPDATE: John H writes...

"Oh come on.

"Get real. Here's a better analysis...

"Link left wing blog to libertarian and retire to safe distance..."

You pays your money you takes your choice.