Tuesday, 16 March 2010

There is such a thing as too much communication...

This from the BBC...

The French railway operator, SNCF, has mistakenly put a dramatic statement on its website saying more than 100 people had died in a train explosion.

It was only when journalists began flooding the railway operator's phone lines that the company realised there had been an enormous error.

Non merde Sherlock!

UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...

Why the fuss?

It happens here too.

Didn't DfT put out a press release last year saying it had appointed the preferred bidder for IEP?

UPDATE: This from a Mr Fenton...

I think you'll find that "no shit" translates as "rien de merde".

Picky picky picky!

Humble apologies, as the Frenchies omitted to say in 1944.

UPDATE: This from a clearly very angry 5741 Duck...

That comment is completely out of order!

What happened at quarter to eight stays at quarter to eight.