Sunday, 22 June 2008

Trumpet blast!

***Letter from The Business Editor, Rail***

Dear Fact Compiler

I enjoyed your analysis of last week's story about NR and its look at new lines. But the passage "The story emerged on Friday, not from within the notoriously leaky railway community, but via political sources in the Westminster village. Industry commentators, even the very well informed, were caught completely unawares..." should be compared with this extract from RAIL magazine "Network Rail is set to launch a major inquiry into when and where Britain needs new railways, whether conventional or high-speed."

The magazine's subscribers received these words on June 14 and the legions of readers who prefer to stand in WH Smiths every other Wednesday should also have not been surprised to hear the story two days later on the BBC.

Just so you know, no wish to blow own trumpet etc...


Philip Haigh
Business Editor
RAIL Magazine

The Fact Compiler is just popping down to WH Smiths...