Tuesday, 14 September 2010

ATOC - sound theology, poor proof reading

Good to see ATOC is gearing up for the visit of the Holy Father.

This via @NationalFailEnq, via Twitter...

How clever of NRES to alight on one of the three theological virtues.

The other two being faith and charity, or for our ATOC readers: aith and harity.

Battle of the Barriers turns nasty in Sheffield

This from the Sheffield Star...

THE long-running battle over Sheffield station bridge came to a head when managers were forced to call in police to help them deal with residents who insisted on their "right" to use the station as a route into the city centre.

Staff and British Transport Police officers handed out 45 cautions in a single night as the row reached boiling point.

45 cautions - these are local residents trying to move about their city not football hooligans!

As the demand to gate the station is coming from the DfT let us hope that the rumoured 600 job cuts at the Department will include the genius behind this particular scheme.

Meanwhile Eye will watch with interest whether Deputy PM Cleggy, a local MP, can bring some sanity to bear on this matter.

Although there is little point in holding your breath.

After all, denying access by socially disadvantaged residents of Norfolk Park and Park Hill to the bright lights of Sheffield city centre is probably perfectly aligned with ConDem social policy.

Pointless signs - York station subway