Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Small glasses being raised in the Shire

Lots of chatter about Siemens and Bombardier merging.

Eye recommends not holding your breath, it will be... complicated.

Meanwhile, half glasses are being raised across the Shire, and possibly further South?

You can't beat a home brew.

Tornado does the ton

Good news for fans of Kettles!

A couple of Eye co-respondents (sic) have sent through some images of last night's Tornado test run and PR coup.

Tornado clocked up speeds of 100mph on the ECML between Raskelf and Alne, north of York, as can be seen here...

From Newcastle back to York the loco carried the ‘Matey’ headboard, in memory of Ray Towell whom we sadly lost just over a year ago.

And here is a picture of the test run team (and guests) safely back at York, following the 100mph triumph.

Good effort!

Meanwhile, Eye is unsure what Northern passengers must make of this, as traction across their franchise is both older and slower.

No matter!

Rumours that Tornado is now on Thunderbird duties, to drag VTEC services through crappy OHLE at Retford, have been denied...