Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Devon & Cornwall up the heat on Kettle moves

Good news for Kettle fans!

There is now a third operator able to move steam locos around the network.

Today Devon & Cornwall Railways moved Tornado from the Nene Valley to Barrow Hill, for this weekend's Fab Four gala.

Despite some confusion about the non-passenger move, by those not selected for the job, Eye understands all went well and as per licence conditions.

No doubt Berlin, and of course Carnforth, welcome the competition?

Sealink resurrexit on the South Eastern

This from the Premier Gardner...

I thought it was just Sealink who displayed the BR logo this way round?

As they say proudly in East Sussex: 'Harwich for the Continent. Frant for Bells-Yew-Green'.

Eye exclusive - First picture of IEP!

With iDave busy cosying up to the Japanese this week, can it be long before white smoke emerges from Tokyo over the IEP?

Whilst almost universally loathed by the operating railway there are those who continue to wave the flag for the Incredibly Expensive Procurement (an extra-big hand please for Stu & Norm Bonkers).

Such is the enthusiasm of Marsham Street's very own Chuckle Brothers for the madcap scheme they appear to have prevailed upon the Treasury to procure the blessed things in tranches, judging by this from the DfT:

The Department hopes to reach financial close for the Great Western phase of the deal in spring 2012. Financial close for the East Coast phase of the IEP is scheduled for 2013.

Happily of course there is no hint that financial close will take place before bidders sign up for the new GW & EC franchises, as that would drive a coach and horses through Government undertakings that rolling stock decisions should be left to Train Operators rather than Whitehall.

No matter.

In happier news, a reader has sent in the following picture, which allegedly fell from between the pages of an old rail atlas.

Asking to remain anonymous she asks "Is this what I'm buying?"

Sort of Justine, sort of. Although what it ends up costing tax and fare payers is what you really ought to worry about...

UPDATE: This from a snarling Captain Deltic...

What do you mean 'almost'?

So. Farewell Beau Bowker!

Eye style guide update:

From: Satirical Nomenclature Bureau
To: All Railway Eye Contributors
Subject: Richard Bowker CBE

Please note that following the subject's resignation as Chief Executive, Etihad Rail he no longer falls under the Satirical Nomenclature/Literary Pastiche/PCWren/Foreign Legion SNB Classification.

As a result, and with immediate effect, the nom de gare 'Beau Bowker' has been withdrawn.

Pending a new appointment a temporary SNB Classificatioin has been allocated reflecting the subject's directorship of the Football League.

The new SNB Classification is Satirical Nomenclature/Boys' Comics/Sport/Football.

Therefore, and until further notice, Mr Bowker should now be referred to as 'Ricky of the Rovers'.

That is all.