Thursday, 23 August 2012

Railway embraces willies and tools

This from the late Kenneth Williams...

Ere no! Stop messin' about!

On the day that First TPE posted on their Facebook page that large numbers of attendees at the Leeds festival would probably travel with "tents, bags and willies", this was the headline on an ATOC press release:


Ooh matron!

UPDATE: This, perhaps predictably, from J Peasemold Gruntfuttock...

I could do with one of those. 

Is a surgical intervention involved?

UPDATE: This from a Mr Dave Spartt...

Yet again the exploitative classes use a tired language, which draws deeply on a history of colonialism and exploitation, serving only to further separate the revered gray-hairs and differently-abled members of our community, errr... and  is totally typical of the exploitative nature of capitalism which does so much to disenfranchise so called 'passengers' forced aboard the tumbril of..

Cont' p94...

TSC letter calls for delay in West Coast signing

Letter from Louise Ellman MP, Chair,Transport Committee to Justine Greening:

Dear Justine,
The announcement by Theresa Villiers on 15 August to award the West Coast rail franchise to First West Coast Ltd has, as you will be aware, generated a great deal of public interest and some concern. It also raises important issues about the basis on which decisions on major rail franchises are made.
As this has taken place during the Parliamentary recess, the Transport Committee has not had an opportunity to consider the matter. I intend to raise it with Committee Members at our first meeting on 4 September and to propose that the Committee explore these issues as soon as possible, provisionally at a public oral evidence session to be arranged for Tuesday 11th September. I expect that some Members will want to ask you about the West Coast franchise when you give oral evidence to us on the work of your Department on the following day.
I understand that the final West Coast franchise documents are due to be signed by the Government on 28 August. I would ask you to consider delaying this for a short while to allow the Transport Committee to explore the matter first. I believe this would help to provide greater transparency and address the concerns that have been raised.
Louise Ellman MP
Chair of the Committee

cc Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP, Tony Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Rail Group, Tim O’Toole, Chief Executive, First Group

Read TSC press statement and associated documents here.

First for telling it like it is.

This from Ithuriel...

Speaking to analysts following the award of the Intercity West Coast franchise, first Group CEO Tim O'Toole said
"The opportunity is ripe because the capacity (on Intercity West Coast) has not been exploited with only a 35% seat occupancy rate and particularly low marketing spend in recent years. That fact, by the way, is understandable since the incumbent has been in revenue support - a condition that discourages any investment to stimulate growth since every pound must generate a return of at least five times."
Mr O'Toole knows whereof he speaks.  First Great Western has been in revenue support since April 2008 and First Capital Connect since April 2009.
Candour personified.