Wednesday, 17 March 2010

HS2 - Recusancy Corner

Telegrammed by Lord Burleigh the Lord Chancellor of England
Whilst the nation rushes to embrace The Thin Controller's vision of a High Speed Jerusalem, it would appear that recusant Old Believers still exist.

Here for instance is a new blog dedicated to renouncing the so called 'High Speed Heresy'.

Eye calls upon the Noble Lord to protect the True Religion and declare Anathema on these false prophets.

Can we also burn a couple at the stake like in the good old days? (This can't be right? Ed)

UPDATE: This from the Major...

The Major wonders if my Lord Burleigh had any particular couple in mind for burning.

Or would any Sid and Doris Bonkers suffice?

Lord Burleigh suggests that there are one or two candidates in the Department who might benefit from an Auto de fe.

UPDATE: This from Ibilola1...

Does Captain Deltic's support for a 4 track electrified 125mph Chiltern Line (Modern Railways, March 2010) make him a recusant Old Believer?