Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pointless signs - Reading

Pointless signs - Cambridge

This from @Al_S...

This sign is at Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge (at the junction for Cambridge Regional College).

The railway it warns of last saw a train in the early '90s.

It is now the Cambridge Guided Busway.

On the plus side, perhaps it wants to be a proper railway when it grows up?

Wattage Watch - Paddington

This, perhaps surprisingly, from I.K.Brunel...

When departing my fine terminus on the hottest day of the year, in the mid afternoon sun, I noted that the station management seem to be unable to turn the platform lights off!

Is this worthy of Eye's attention?

Yes indeed Mr Brunel! 

Time for an exciting new Eye feature...

Eye gives you Wattage Watch!

Piccies please of the railway unnecessarily running up utility bills.

RDG embraces 'Transparency'

Good news for fans of openness and transparency!

This from the Rail Delivery Group's summary of proceedings from its July meeting...

Industry Structure and Strategy – transparency
The RDG agreed that the industry should take control of the transparency agenda rather than leaving it to the ORR. Various industry parties were pursuing different initiatives. The Group agreed that nominated RDG Members agree a cross-industry approach.

And quite right too.

But what's this?

The rest of the summary document contains no reference to discussions about simplifying the number of organisations at the 'top' of the railway industry!

Perhaps they just didn't take place, or became so 'transparent' that they were rendered invisible?

Founder of Railway Children honoured

Colas and Network Rail have honoured the founder of the Railway Children.

A Colas class 66 was named David Maidment OBE at the National Track Plant Exhibition at Long Marston last Thursday.

The event was attended by 219 exhibitors from all areas of the rail industry, many of whom have long been supporters of Railway Children. Exhibitors gave donations on the day, with a total of £8,750 being raised for the charity.

David set up Railway Children in 1996, following an encounter with a young girl begging on a railway station in India. For the past 18 years, he has dedicated his life to raising awareness of the plight of children living alone and at risk on the streets and railway platforms.

To this day, across Railway Children’s geographical reach of India, East Africa and the UK, over 50,000 children are contacted and supported by the charity each year. 

Good effort!

Verster explains Lean Management in the Midlands

This from the power-house of PR that exists in Network Rail's LNE/EM Route... 

Phil Verster, Route Managing Director of Network Rail (LNE & EM) volunteering at East Midlands Parkway station today helping passengers navigate their way around the rail replacement services while Network Rail invests £100m to completely renew the railway around Nottingham.  

More than a mile of track is being relayed as well as replacing a series of junctions.  A new platform is being constructed, three signal boxes and two level crossings closed, and more than 140 new signals erected.

Recent visitors to NR's HQ in York will immediately recognise that Phil is clutching yet another design for a Visualisation Board! 

Pointless signs - Beckenham Junction

With a bowler tip to @DickiesTicker.