Tuesday, 28 May 2013

TPE introduces PEDs!

Exciting news for fans of Platform Edge Doors! (shurely Platform Edge Designs? Ed)

This from 'Northern Spirit'... 

Obviously the standard yellow line with white platform edge is not sufficient at Dewsbury (this is the slow line with fast trains in this direction using the through line). 

Good to see that in these times of austerity First TPE has discovered a cheap way to keep passengers away from platform edges, or an expensive way to waste paint...

Railway Garden Competition - Birmingham New Street

This from JT19...

Although these are some weeks old it appears that there has been a good start to the new growing season at Birmingham New Street..


Good to see the LNW Route is able to maintain the very best traditions of a centralised NR.

Pointless signs - Brundall

This from Anonymous Please...

I thought Eye readers might enjoy this sign seen at Brundall Station in Norfolk last week.

It seems that the Dutch have moved the international dateline to somewhere around the Wash!