Saturday, 12 July 2008

Aslef bollocks

The brave Aslef boys and girls would never do anything to compromise safety.

It is only right, therefore, that they hold an extra-ordinary branch meeting tomorrow (Sunday) to discuss the disgraceful dismissal of one of their safety conscious members by East Midlands Trains.

Regrettably the meeting in Nottingham will result in the cancellation of a large number of EMT services but if that is the price for a safe railway then it must be paid!

But what's this?

It turns out that the dismissed driver had not only passed a signal at danger and crashed into some level crossing gates but he had also been making a personal call on his mobile beforehand.

Good to see the "I'm alright Jack" culture persists at Aslef's Nottingham depot.

Prairie Oyster

***There was a significant failure of TfL's Oyster ticketing system this morning with readers on both buses and Tube stations unable to read the cards.

As a consequence a significant number of Oyster cards have been corrupted...

UPDATE: Cards used in the last 24 hours are most likely to be affected, with the system unable to recognise them

UPDATE 2: Understood to be over 100,000 Oyster cards affected***