Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Boris the Proud?

Good news for pyramid of piffle fans.

London Mayor Boris Johnson today launched his personal vision for transport in the capital in a document entitled 'Way to Go!'.

If only it were so.

There is no mention of the future of the Underground PPP, or the cross-river tram and precious little on Crossrail; all of which will consume vast amounts of public dosh.

However, amongst this very thin gruel is one bit of good news.

Boris has decided to rechristen the Thames Tideway tunnel as the Cloaca Maxima.

An interesting choice as, under the guiding hand of Tarquin the Proud, the original claca drained the swamp that allowed the Forum to become the centre of Rome's civic life

But what's this? Tarquin the Proud's rule was so corrupt that his system of government was abolished and he died in exile.

Way to Go! Boris.