Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Maria the Eagle blusters on bonuses

Another belly flop from Maria the Eagle...

Labour's beleaguered Transport shadow opined...

“Commuters facing inflation-busting fare rises will be outraged at the scale of the bonus packages being enjoyed by a few at the top of the rail industry. This comes on top of the Tory-led Government cutting taxes for the most well off while millions pay more.

“Ministers must now act and make clear that bonuses on this scale are simply not appropriate in a company that receives nearly four billion pounds of taxpayers’ money every year."

Eye supposes it is just too much to ask for Maria to actually understand the industry that she mouths on about?

It is ORR that requires Network Rail to have a 'management incentive plan' (bonuses in Maria speak) not government! 

And it will be remembered that ORR is not part of government - the clue is its role as an 'independent economic regulator'.

No matter.

Of course if we are looking round for someone to blame for NR's bonus culture perhaps we might focus on the party in government when the company was actually set up?

Not much from Maria on that one, eh!